A clinical psychologist is a registered professional. In Ontario, psychologists are required to complete a doctoral degree as well as an additional year after their doctorate in a supervised practice setting (supervised by a registered psychologist in the areas they wish to practice in once licensed). In addition to these requirements, one is also expected to pass three exams (jurisprudence/ethics, Examination of Professional Psychology Practice (EPPP) and an oral exam with a panel of registered psychologists) in order to register with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO). Psychologists provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment and consultation regarding psychopathology, behavioural change, personality and general psychological health.

We see a wide variety of patients, including ages and presenting problems. We have a number of clinicians focusing on care for adolescents (usually 12-18 years old, can vary depending on individual development) and adults (19-65 years old). We see and welcome people identifying as Black, Indigenous, a Person of Colour, queer, gay, trans, gender non-conforming and more. We aim to be an inclusive clinic and pride ourselves on providing high quality care, compassion and sensitivity to culture, identity and background. We see WSIB injured workers and trauma survivors among others. Please see our Clinical Focus page for more details about our psychological services in Ontario.

Your psychologist will first review the privacy policy and clinic procedures to ensure you are able to proceed without reservation. Following this, your psychologist will collect information and assess the nature of the difficulties you are experiencing. This typically involves asking you questions about your symptoms, but also getting background information in order to provide some context to your symptoms. You may be asked to complete some questionnaires at this session.

Following this first appointment, your psychologist will review the information collected and constructs a treatment plan. This treatment plan is flexible, however, and can change if your presentation and circumstances change (e.g., new stressors, medication change, motivational issues). But, having a framework for treatment can give you a clearer idea of what you will be working towards with your psychologist.

It is important that you feel comfortable and informed about your treatment, in order for it to be effective and meaningful for you. We will actively support and encourage you to express any concerns or questions not only at your first visit, but at anytime over the course of your services at the Momenta Clinic. We are committed to supporting your efforts and collaborating with you to make meaningful changes in your life.

Many individuals though work, school or their family member (parent or spouse) have extended health plans that cover psychological services or services delivered by a registered psychologist, which are the services that we provide. The extent of services covered depends upon the type of policy you have purchased and we strongly recommend that you review the details of your policy (and understand reimbursement requirements) prior to booking with us.

Direct billing is possible for some insurance providers including Green Shield, Blue Cross, SSQ and a range of insurers on the Telus portal who accept direct billing from psychologists. Details about which insurance companies at Telus allow direct billing by psychologists can be found here (go to the “Insurer Specific” section to find your insurer).

Assessments vary in length depending on the referral question and purpose of assessment. General private intakes are just under 1.5 hours in length, while therapy sessions are about 45-50 minutes long. After a therapy session, the remaining 10-15 minutes of the hour are needed to complete progress notes for the session and administrative duties pertaining to your case (e.g., documentation).

Feeling secure and safe in session with your psychologist or therapist is essential. We take strong measures to keep your information securely and that it is treated with respect. However, due to our professional and legal obligations, there are some limitations to the confidentiality we are able to provide. These are detailed in the Momenta Clinic’s clinical Privacy Policy which you can obtain from us prior to booking should you choose.

Some of the limitations to confidentiality include, but are not limited to: 1) if you provide information that a child is being abused or neglected or at risk for abuse, 2) if you indicate that you intend to harm yourself or someone else, 3) if you indicate that you have been abused by a regulated health professional in Ontario, 4) if a court of law provides a subpoena or court order for you clinical records, 5) if an audit of our clinical files is required by a licensing body (e.g., The College of Psychologists of Ontario ) to review our psychologists’ record keeping practices. As noted, further details regarding limits of confidentiality are provided in our privacy policy, which can be obtained by contacting us.

Of course, unforeseen circumstances sometimes arise and you may not be able to attend your scheduled appointment. We just ask to be provided a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to your appointment, so that we can try to book someone else into your appointment slot (such as those waiting for a cancellation) and to avoid unnecessary charges to your account. Missed appointments without sufficient notice are charged for the regular session fee.

Unfortunately, sessions are not covered by your provincial health plan (OHIP), but should you (or, in some cases, your spouse or parent) have workplace or school benefits your sessions may be partially or fully reimbursed. However, you would need to contact your insurance provider or review your policy directly for details regarding reimbursement (e.g., amount, requirements for reimbursement). Sometimes insurance providers have different stipulations regarding referrals, receipts/invoices, services for you to receive reimbursement and we encourage you to become aware of these specifics and inform us so that we can help provide the information you need.

Fees will depend upon the nature and length of the service required. A limited number of reduced rate and pro-bono sessions are offered. At the end of every appointment, an invoice and receipt will be made out to you. Payment is made at the end of every session. In person sessions can be paid for by either cash, cheque or credit card. Teletherapy (video or phone) is paid for by credit card only. If you are receiving services through a third-party (e.g., WSIB, insurer-direct referrals), we will bill them directly.

Psychologists and psychiatrists are both professionals in the field of mental health, but they differ in their education, training, and approach to treating mental health disorders.

Psychologists typically have a doctoral degree (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) in psychology, which involves extensive coursework, research, and clinical training. This is typically between 6-10 years of post-graduate education . They may specialize in various areas such as clinical, counseling, rehabilitation, health or neuropsychology. They also declare competency to work with certain populations like adolescents, children or seniors. Psychologists vary in the types of approaches they use to treatment mental health conditions, like anxiety, depression and trauma.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors (M.D.) who specialize in psychiatry and typically conceptualize mental health difficulties from a medical model. They undergo medical school training and then complete a residency in psychiatry. This medical background allows them to understand the biological aspects of mental health. Psychiatrists prescribe medication and require a referral to see. They are typically covered by OHIP, though some psychiatrists operate privately.

Depending on your mental health treatment goals, one or both of these providers can be helpful to your journey. At the Momenta Clinic , we’re happy to collaborate with other health providers to give you the best, most comprehensive care possible.

If you have more questions about what we do or would like to book an appointment, contact us now!