Individual Therapy

The treatment we provide is based on FOUR KEY PILLARS

Strong Therapeutic Relationship

We know that therapy only works when you have a solid bond with your therapist. That is why fit with your clinician is something we take seriously. In addition, we aim to create a space in each of our sessions where you can feel safe, comfortable and secure.


Your personal stories are sacred. We treat these details with respect and care. We also take pains to make sure you understand our process and have your questions answered to your satisfaction, so that you can enter treatment unburdened and with trust.


Our techniques, approaches and impressions are freely and openly discussed with you. We encourage to ask questions whenever they arise, whether it is at your first appointment or anytime after.


We believe therapy is best when we look at the whole person. Rather than treating symptoms in isolation, we also consider other important factors that can influence them, like physical health, culture, home environment or life transitions. We also tailor our approach to fit your needs and, as such, we often combine different approaches in our treatment, when needed.

Approaches Used

There are a variety of approaches we may draw upon in our treatment. What approach(es) we use are heavily influenced by our initial assessment, where we consider what approaches would fit best with your specific case. We also consider what your preferences are (if you have them). As you enter different stages of your therapy journey, we are also flexible in shifting our approach, given that treatment needs can change.

Session Format

Each therapy session consists of between 45-50 minutes of direct therapy and the rest of the hour is used for other important tasks related to your case (e.g., writing your session note or coordinating your appointments).


We may suggest specific testing depending on what your individual needs or requests are. Every person we see for therapy has an assessment at their first session(s) to help us create a tentative roadmap of your therapy journey.


We see therapy as a team effort. You contribute the details and circumstances of your life that you know best and can describe best. We use our years of training and experience to help you towards recovery. Neither part works without the other.

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