We believe the possibilities for improving mental health through innovation are endless and that excites us.

Why is innovation so important to us?

We are passionate about providing high quality psychological care and as well as addressing the gaps in the mental health system. Our direct clinical work gives us an opportunity to address mental health on a one-to-one basis, while innovation gives us opportunity to address problems on a larger scale. Access to psychological services, navigating the mental health system, unmet psychological needs, helping disadvantaged populations are just some of the many challenges/issues we have identified.

We hope to leverage technology and innovative solutions to improve our existing care and methods. Additionally, we hope to use innovation to address some of the gaps we have identified.

How do we use innovation in our clinical practice?

We use technology to help patients engage with us and to increase the efficiency of our practice.

From our patient portal, electronic newsletters, electronic clinic feedback and patient resources created using artificial intelligence/technology are just some of the ways we aim to improve our patients’ journeys at the Momenta Clinic.

Main Areas of

Healthcare Consumers: Addressing unmet mental health needs, increasing access/engagement with care, increased efficiency of resources to increase care provided

Healthcare Providers: Using innovation to reduce burnout, increase productivity and renew passion for healthcare

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