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ARTICLES,Diversity and Mental Health / February 03, 2024

Six Signs of a Culturally Sensitive Therapist

  Understanding and respect for diversity are at the heart of effective therapy. Your mental health journey should be supported by a therapist who truly understands and respects your identity. General or unchanging concepts of culture without considering the multiple aspects of one’s identity may, in fact, stereotype or further stigmatize individuals rather than helping […]


ARTICLES,Diversity and Mental Health,RESOURCES / March 23, 2023

Learn the Facts about Teen Bullying

Bullying in adolescents and children is a challenging problem that is associated with several negative physical and mental health difficulties. These include increased report of ailments like headaches and stomach aches, as well as report of worse general health and increased pain later on. Mental health effects can include developing anxiety, including social anxiety related […]


ARTICLES,Diversity and Mental Health / March 08, 2023

Why Indigenous Women Need to Be a Focus When Talking about Domestic Violence in Canada

When discussing domestic or intimate partner violence and abuse, it is essential to highlight the unique risks that Indigenous women in this country face. The impacts of violence and abuse against women are wide ranging and certainly impact mental health and wellness. Access to psychological treatment both in-person and virtually are needed as well as […]