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ARTICLES / April 18, 2024

What’s Your Communication Style?

Communication is the cornerstone of our daily interactions, shaping how we relate to others and express our thoughts and feelings.  Communication is a broad umbrella that includes both non-verbal and verbal communication.   Verbal communication encompasses the use of spoken or written words to convey messages, thoughts, and emotions.  This can pertain to your choice of […]


ARTICLES / April 04, 2024

How Do Parks Affect Mental Health?

Should Nature Be Part of Your Mental Health Recovery? Think about parks and you probably have conjured up a warm but distant childhood memories of summer strolls through lush green grass with your family. Or perhaps you recall the feeling of swinging as high as possible on the swings, feet in the air, wishing that […]



Three Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider Virtual Therapy

Does it seems like the world is finally starting to open up and get back to normal? While there are people who may require or benefit more from in-person therapy, evidence shows that virtual therapy can be effective and impactful for many. Here are three common reasons that people choose to do virtual therapy instead of in-person.